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Pyrenean Mastiff:

Pyreneisk Mastiff


Samba, Pyrenean Mastiff. Her official names with titles are:


Samba is now 4 years old and  8 months (Dec -22). Samba has an absolutely fantastic mentality. And was a wonderful mother to her first litter of puppies. For a couple of years we have not been able to exhibit Samba because all exhibitions were canceled due to Corona. When it all started, Samba had puppies. So the first exhibition that we could participate in after this was in Malmö on 17/4 -22. There, Samba became Swedish show champion. After that, she has also participated in shows in Denmark and Norway as well as another show in Sweden on 30/7 2022. During these two months, she has also become Danish Show Champion, Norwegian Show Champion and Nordic Show Champion. We probably won't be very active in exhibiting Samba again until she maybe becomes a veteran.

Otto, Pyrenean Mastiff. His official names with titles are:


Otto was named Otto after our first Leonberger who was also named Otto. Old Otto was a wonderful dog in every conceivable way. Our new Otto is just as wonderful We fell in love immediately when we saw him for the first time. And how nice he was purely outwardly. When he would get his kennel name, where all puppies would have a name starting with A. So we still wanted him to have the name Otto in his kennel name. So we had to think in slightly new ways. Given that the Pyrenean Mastiff is a Spanish breed, we wanted a Spanish addition starting with A before his name Otto. Neither my wife nor I know Spanish, but after some computer work we found the name that fit just right. Aqui Estoy which means "Here I am" The name Aqui Estoy Otto, HERE I AM OTTO, is perfect when our beautiful Otto comes to the show ring. (NOTE. A bit joking but fun). Otto has largely won at all exhibitions he has been to, both in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. But neither will we be exhibiting Otto as much in the future. We are quite happy with the results he has shown. Otto is Swedish Champion, Danish Champion, Norwegian Champion, Danish Winner 2021, Nordic Winner 2021 and Nordic Show Champion. And also Danish Race Winner 2021.  Otto is now 3 years and 5 months ( Dec 2022). Otto has a fantastic mentality, calm and kind and wants to be with you everywhere. And is always rated very nice temperament or even fantastic temperament (Herning 2021) at shows. But also the reputation as - a champion of high international quality.

Laban, Pyrenean Matiff. His official names with titles are:


Laban has also inherited a name after one of our former Leonbergers named Laban. Old Laban was a wonderful dog but always had a twinkle in his eye. Our new Laban is the same. Laban is now 2 years and 3 months old. (Dec - 2022). Laban also has a very nice temperament, and is absolutely wonderful. Laban has now had time to participate in exhibitions in both Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Laban is now Swedish, Danish and Norwegian show champion. As well as Bornholm's winner in 2022. The funny thing is that the earliest you can become a Swedish show champion is the day after you turn 2 years old. Laban became Champion the day after he turned two.

Lucas, Pyrenean Mastiff. Comes from our litter summer 2021. Lucas is today 1 year and 5 months (Dec 2022). From our last litter where we had three live puppies. One female and two males. The plan was to keep one female and one male from this litter. They were to be given Spanish names and called Lucas and Luna. Unfortunately, Luna left us at three weeks old due to a heart defect. Lucas also has a brother who today is called Torbjörn and lives outside Filipstad. Both of these brothers have developed very well so far, with a lovely temperament.

Luna, Pyrenean Mastiff. Her official name is:


Luna is our latest addition, now 10 months old (Dec -22). Luna has a wonderfully nice temperament but so far lively and full of play. She and Lucas spend most of their time playing/fighting/biting. Hopefully, if all goes well, Luna will be able to become a mother to a future litter of puppies. She has so far only participated in one show as a puppy, Norrköping's national show, as well as an unofficial show for juniors in Linköping. At both shows she received excellent criticism and became BOB puppy. 

Fiona, Pyrenean Mastiff. Her official name is:


Fiona is our newest addition. Fiona is Laban's sister and I helped bring her home to Sweden at the same time I brought Laban. Fiona will live with us in the best understanding with her previous owner. The main reason for this is to give her the opportunity to play and fool around with other dogs of the same age. Together with previous owners, we have planned breeding tanks for the future. More info about Fiona will be posted here.


We have our Leonbergers as pure companion dogs. We have not had any shows or breeding plans for them. We decided that it would be our last litter of Leonbergers and when we got this litter we had decided to switch to another breed. But a race of the same size type. And we then chose to bet on the Pyrenean Mastiff. Which we have never regretted.

We have never regretted our many years with Leonberger, and we hope for many more years to come. Our two big beautiful Leonberger males, Chico and Chabo, are brothers and are absolutely amazing. They are very similar, and hard to tell the difference if you don't look closely. They are very large, weight around 82 kilos, height at withers over 80 centimeters. But has an absolutely fantastic temperament and loves being together. Always sleep close together, eat with their food bowls a couple of centimeters apart. They are usually only a couple of meters from each other when they are out. If one goes off in one direction, the other follows close behind. And the most amazing thing is that they have never been mad at each other even though they are pretty much on top of each other. We never heard the slightest grumble between them.

We are convinced that their pleasant mentality has helped to characterize all our Pyrenean Mastiffs who have all grown up with Chabo and Chico, and also with their sister Chita who has unfortunately left us. But their fine influence has left a good impression on our current Pyrenean Mastiffs.

Chico, Leonberger. Is now 6 years old, on 12/10 2022.

Chabo, Leonberger. Is now 6 years old, on 12/10 2022.

Chita, Leonberger. Chita unfortunately left us very much missed on 10/12 2021 due to leukemia.

Dogs who have left us in great need but with whom we have had the privilege of living together. Chita, Leonberger. see above..

Luna, Pyrenean Mastiff. See above under Lucas

Princess, Leonberger, Left us on 7/3 2021 greatly missed. Almost 9 years old. Princess is the mother of the 3 Leonbergers that we kept ourselves from our last litter of Leonbergers. Chita, Chico and Chabo.

Laban, Leonberger Left us on 4/11 2019. Unfortunately he was only 6 years, 7 months and 23 days old. Laban was an unusually alert and alert doggy and a breath of fresh air. It is clear here at home that he is no longer with us.

Leonberger who previously left us in great need.

Wilma, Otto, Zorro, Zingo, Zack,  Zimba and Zara.

Wilma turned 9 years, Otto 8 years, Zorro 3 years, Zingo 8 years and 10 months,  Zack 9 and a half years, Zimba 10 years and two months and Zara 10 years and five months and Zam who turned 11 years and 10 months. Wilma and Otto were the mother and father of the other doggies from our Z litter.