WO-WO kennel. Leonberger och Pyreneisk Mastiff

For us in our breeding, mentality is one of the most important issues.

We think it is important that above all dogs that are going to be bred, are mentally described either with MH or BPH.

If a dog has undergone any of these descriptions, you can see how the result was on SKK's breeding data.

Questions to ask yourself!

Is it done? If not. Why? What characteristics does it describe? Is it possibly discontinued and if so why?

Mentality for Leonberger and Pyrenean Mastiff. (according to BPH test.

BPH stands for behavior and personality testing dog

We are of the opinion that both Pyrenean Mastiff and Leonberger as breeds have a very nice mentality.

Since we both have Leonbergers and Pyrenean Mastiffs, both large and stately dogs, we are often asked what the mentality of these two dogs is like. How does it differ? Below is the answer to this question that came up on Facebook, from someone who had an interest in this. Here follows the answer we then gave.


Hi, Interesting question. As we usually get. Sometimes when I get the question out on the town, I usually answer - the color. Our experience with Leonberger is quite extensive. From Pyrenean Mastiff slightly smaller. We have 2 today. If you see the dogs in ordinary life running out on the lawn or when we are out with them, they all have a fantastic mentality. It's hard to tell the difference. If you go deeper and look at the BPH tests available, you can see certain differences/tendencies. Then the question is what they mean in everyday life. The differences that exist can perhaps be explained in their origin/area of use that remains in the genes. Since the Pyrenean Mastiff is a relatively uncommon breed in Sweden, I want to mention some character traits that I think are clear. The Pyrenean Mastiff is social and a stable dog that does not show anxiety or aggression. Who likes to investigate what is happening around and is vigilant. And who have no great interest in play. (Apart from when they are young). In general, it can probably be said that variations within the breed at the individual level are significantly greater than the average values between the breeds. But the most important thing. Both breeds have a healthy mentality. Then different individuals can be different.

Here follows a little more information on the matter as well as the average values that each breed received on BPH tests. The values are those that were reported on 17/10 2019.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there are only 19 Pyrenean Mastiffs that the values are based on. More are tested, but the fact that their values are not included in the total is because imported dogs are not reported. And it is 258 Leonberger. So it can be a slightly uncertain comparison. In addition, there are an even larger number of Leonbergers that are MH tested. So the Leonberger mentality is very well documented. And known as a calm, safe and stable dog, without anxiety or aggression.

But the Pyrenean Mastiff is for the majority an unfamiliar dog given that the number of dogs in Sweden is few. It is estimated that there are around 100 of them in Sweden. Therefore, it can be interesting to see how their mentality is compared to a more famous large dog and larger breed. A way to increase knowledge of this, in our opinion, fantastic breed, which we also think the Leonberger is. We think the Leonberger is a healthy and nice breed with a good mentality. At the same time, we think that the Pyrenean Mastiff has the same fine qualities.

This comparison shows small differences in mentality, as well as how fine a mentality the Pyrenean Mastiff has. No fear, no anxiety, no aggressiveness and very social.

This comparison shows small differences in mentality, as well as how fine a mentality the Pyrenean Mastiff has. No fear, no anxiety, no aggressiveness and very social.

But first some more information about this somewhat unknown breed, the Pyrenean Mastiff. (Taken from RAS 2013)

The genetic trait of physical strength in the Molossians was necessary, if they were to
succeed in their work of fighting an enemy, be it predator or raider. The
it was also important that the dogs had inherited a genetically conditioned herding function, in order to be able to
assist the shepherd in his work and live peacefully with the flock and defend it as his own.
The Pyrenean Mastiff is bred to protect its herd and its territory, it is not
trained to perform this function. This instinct is still bred today and is a
important part of the Pyrenean Mastiff's characteristics.
This large adult herd guard is: Very intelligent, reliable, very active for such a large one
breed, easy to train and careful with small children and the animals it is set to guard. Aggressive behavior
appears only in case of danger/threat or there is a direct challenge.

The Pyrenean Mastiff had its historical crisis when the wolf and bear disappeared from the Pyrenees. This
the fact, almost definitely marked, the decline of the race; in reality it was almost extinct
forever. The Spanish Civil War had just ended, the economy was bad. We can easily
imagine how hard it was to keep these big dogs with big appetites and no work
to perform. The good old days, when the Pyrenean Mastiff walked proudly in front of or
beside his flock, with his throat protected by impressive necklaces; specially made of iron,
with sharp protruding thorns, was definitely over.

But luckily, this fantastic dog has been able to come back, through purposeful work.

We look forward to having a litter of puppies with our Samba in the future. Provided we find a male as suitable as Samba is as a female. Below is Samba's BPH test in the form of a spider diagram. Samba also has flawless hip and elbow joints. HD A and ED ua (0). Samba has excellent show results, 4 championship titles

In the table below, our bitch Samba's BPH test follows in the form of a spider diagram in comparison to the average value for Pyrenean Mastiff.

BPH  Test  - Comparison. A higher value indicates a higher similarity to the moment.

FP stands for foreign person.

NP stands for person approaching.

Impressive behavior. The dog tries to impress through stiff body, raised tail and staring at the other party. It can also include attempts to control and physically measure up against the opponent

Moment                        PM        Leonberger     Difference

Regards FP int               2.0           1.9              0.1
Regards FP time            2.0            2.0             0.0
Greetings NP int             2.5           2.3             0.2   Little more to greet =social
Regards NP time            2.6           2.1              0.5
Submissiveness              1.0           1.1             -0.1
Play interest own toy      1.8            2.7            -0.9
Play interest new toy      1.6            2.3            -0.7   Slightly less play interest. Other things maybe more important. Vigilance

Tug of war interest         1.2            1.3            -0.1
Commitment food          2.6            2.4             0.2
Play interest the driver    1.0            1.1            -0.1
Contact with food           1.4            1.8            -0.4
Surprise Curiosity           1.8            2.0             -0.2
Rattling curiosity            1.9             2.3            -0.4   Not particularly curious about what has happened
Shooting activity            1.3             1.8            -0.5   Doesn't really care about shooting
Investigation of other     2.8            2.0              0.8 Interested in investigating surroundings, vigilance
Worry FP                       1.1           1.5             -0.4
Worry NP                      1.0            1.6             -0.6
Distance taking FP          1.1            1.2            -0.1
Ranged NP                    1.0             1.2            -0.2
Driver attachment walk   1.0           1.3             -0.3   Lower anxiety all moments
Surprise anxiety            1.3            1.8              -0.5
Rattlesnake                  1.0             1.3             -0.3
Surprise escape            2.3             2.7            -0.4
Rattle escape                1.4             1.2            -0.1
Menace NP                   1.1             1.5            -0.4
Menace FP                    1.0             1.0              0.0
Off reaction when over-ashing 1.0     1.0            0.0
Threatening surprise      1.2          1.1               0.1
Impressive behavior      1.0           1.0               0.0

The spider diagram on BPH below is primarily for you to gain an understanding of how your own dog is in relation to others in the breed who have undergone the same test.

Samba's BPH compared to the breed average, below. To look at possible character traits. Although the Pyrenean Mastiff has very low values for anxiety, the Samba has even lower values, as well as higher values for greeting and playing. We are very happy with Samba's mentality. In addition to this, you can get much more detailed information if you search for the dog on SKK breeding data.

Unfortunately, Samba's diagram below is only in Swedish but refers to the above various points. Simply put, the left side describes anxiety and uncertainty in the various sections and the right side the social side. The red lines are Samba. The blue lines are the average of the Pyrenean Mastiffs that are mentally described.


Pyreneisk Mastiff Samba