WO-WO kennel. Leonberger och Pyreneisk Mastiff

Race-typical appearance.

We sometimes feel that exhibitions take on a bit too much importance in breeding matters. Health and mentality are absolutely the most important. What is the joy of a wonderfully beautiful dog if the health and mentality are not good. We would never breed a dog just because the appearance is perfect. But if health and mentality are as good as we want, then we also want the breed-typical appearance to be there in the best shape. For that reason, we really enjoy showing our dogs. A good show result confirms that the dog meets the special requirements set for the breed in the form of appearance, movement = correct anatomy and also the display of good behavior. So even if it is not the first thing that we think of in our breeding work. Most of our dogs are multiple champions. Information about this can be found on other pages. End of comments regarding this.